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Chris de Vry:

To you and your team I would like to express my gratitude for this weekend's Plant Market. The market was well organized and everybody enjoyed buying bargains or selling plants.

We are already looking forward to next years plant market.


A big thank you to everyone who made the Plantmarket a success

Hi Chris,
I agree with you, I think everyone was enjoying themselves while I was there. Big thank you to all involved for a good event. I was especially pleased to see Clivia Colour charts made available for sale Meas arranged. I also met a lot of people who appear regularly in the posts.

Thanks and a big thankyou to the following who kade it happen
Catherine who together with Maruis,Karel and Karels lovely Daughter manned the halls like troopers meeting and greeting all answering there Questios and making this forum proud
New technology came from Karel who wrote a vote counting system making life easier
We had a total of 451 voting slips alone if we take that very few voted or knew about the hall how many do you think. attended?
Thank you to all that showed there plants and congratulations to the winners and all who bought there plants in,a few observations or feedback i recieved was that the quality of the Show Plants was the best yet but not the most
Thankyou to all who came to show
Thanks to Gerrit and Altha and Jan for donating seeds and seedlings it was appreciated and your blessings will make a lot of people happy thankyou so much for all of you
Thanks to all the exhibitors who came and attended you all made us proud
Yes there were some negatives but they are getting less
It was good to see friends and i hope to see you all there next year
The biggest thanks to my wife who just quite when things got to me
Thanks all i hope you all enjoyed it

Thanks also to Chris DevVrey for  printing voting slipsxand helping with posters also Carlo that helped


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