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Author Topic: Clumps of clivias  (Read 12740 times)

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Re: Clumps of clivias
« Reply #60 on: April 05, 2013, 19:30:21 »
John that is a really nice clump you have there. I share some of your sentiments and also find that if something is growing and flowering well why try and change what is making it happy. I have some plants here that has no meduim to grow in and they cant be fed because everything just falls out the bottom of the pot. I water them with a hand spray bottle just to get them damp because if you give them water like normal plants the whole floor is wet. The meduim they grow in consists of clumps of polystyrene and pieces of brick. They have a nice layer of leaf mulch over the top and that seems to keep them happy. Some of the plants are more than 1 meter tall. I lost my charger for my camera but will share some pics later.

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