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Clivia Tips, Tricks & Hints / Re: Trechorderma Whats that?
« Last post by Registered Member on July 11, 2017, 11:45:38 »
Thanks Johann
Valueble info as always thanks for sharing
Clivia Tips, Tricks & Hints / Re: Trechorderma Whats that?
« Last post by Registered Member on July 11, 2017, 11:33:33 »
Thanks Martin and Johann.
Regards ,
Clivia Tips, Tricks & Hints / Re: Trechorderma Whats that?
« Last post by Registered Member on July 11, 2017, 10:43:19 »
Hi Martin
The name you looking for mycorrhizal fungi.

I use "Microroot Supreme" (available from most of the larger nurseries) on my bonsai, clivias, orchids and garden. I will never but never plant any plant without Microroot.

Microroot are expensive, but if I consider the growth rate of my clivia seedlings and the overall health of my clivia, bonsai,orchids and garden plants, its worth the cost for results obtained.

Our Bonsai Club has done a lot of experiments in conjunction with Dr Joanna Dames of Rhodes about 5 years ago, in  the distribution of mycorrhizal fungi in Bonsai soil (Soil Tests were done by Rhodes on soil samples of various bonsai trees, from various grower with various soil mixes) and the use of Microroot to improve the distribution of mycorrhizal fungi, the results after using Microroot were astounding.

If I consider the results from the soil tests performed the results obtained in the use of Microroot, that a Bonsai is a "Tree in a Pot" and a clivia is a "Plant in a Pot" I have assumed that the distribution of mycorrhizal fungi in the clivia pot will also be low, resulting in me using Microroot on all my clivias, as soil tests to test the distribution of mycorrhizal fungi are very expensive.

From Micoroots web page:


What are mycorrhizal fungi?
Mycorrhiza literally means “fungus root”
These are beneficial fungi found in undisturbed soils
These fungi form a symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship with 90% of all plant roots
The host plant receives mineral nutrients from the fungus
The fungus obtains sugars from the host plant
There are several types of mycorrhizal associations
The most commonly encountered are the arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi.

How do they function?

The fungus grows by means of fungal filaments called hyphae
The filaments grow both inside and outside of the roots
The fungus is intimately associated with the plant roots
Providing a link between the soil and the plant
They extend the plant rooting system improving root functions
They allow for better exploitation of the soil environment
They increase surface area available for nutrient uptake
They make nutrients soluble which are normally not accessible to plant roots
They influence the soil environment covered by the fungal filaments
Encouraging growth of beneficial bacteria and other non disease causing fungi
They ward off unwanted organisms which can cause plants diseases
Such as eelworms and root rot
They produce a biological glue
That promotes soil stability and increases moisture penetration and aeration of the soil

Clivia Tips, Tricks & Hints / Trechorderma Whats that?
« Last post by Registered Member on July 11, 2017, 08:04:50 »
Being one that loves all the "foods" For plants i had a seed planted in my brain about using organic and natural foods used by nature mostly by Lionel and having some excellent seeds i decided to look at other ways to encourage growth as time is catching up and you want to see the results as soon as possible so i went on Hygrotech site to look for a product to germinate them in and saw they sell this Trechorderma in one seedling mix ,and remembering a post of someone a while ago that they got very good results with a Hygrotech product i started reading up on it
It is a fugi that when used on your plants or seedlings creates a better root system ,with hairs and a layer around the roots forming a barrier to protect them ,it also protects the plant against stress caused by drought etc,and once it is used it multiplies and grows more and carries on protecting and most of all promotes plant growth now inwas hooked
As with everything you only hear things like this after you studied the whole internet when you share this newly received knowledge with a friend and the answer is yes i know i use it!!! Thanks Johann for only telling me now
i am not advertising for Hygrotech and only sharing there product there is also other companies selling Trechorderma in 15 gram packets like Tunnelquip and the hydroponics store this use with  mixing it with water and pouring it around the plants selling around R15.00 per packet it is well priced compared to R315.00 for the seedling mix that is 20 KG but then again it has other growth enchances in
I Love watching Gardeners World and Monty uses a similar product that he puts on the roots of all plants he plants i cant think of the name it starts with a
M i think Mycorcial and his Plants are so good getting all the protection it needs from Beneficial Fungi and Bacteria
So slowly i come around to these natural products shows you you can teach a old Dog new tricts!
Use it Dont use it i for one will order mine and i encourage you to read more on it
Happy Growing and please share your thoughts on this and your knowledge on how to get that Miss World to flower sooner even if it just one year now back to dreaming about that special flower that will bloom and make me fall in love with Clivia again all over

Clivia Tips, Tricks & Hints / Re: Plant Nutrition .... did you know ?
« Last post by Registered Member on July 10, 2017, 07:38:26 »
Thanks for sharing this Lionel
very informative
Clivia Tips, Tricks & Hints / Re: Plant Nutrition .... did you know ?
« Last post by Registered Member on July 09, 2017, 08:52:24 »
Bump !
Clivia Tips, Tricks & Hints / Re: Yellowing mature leaves
« Last post by Registered Member on July 09, 2017, 08:44:24 »
Hello Steven ,
                   It would be good to make sure that that rot has not extended into the " Psuedo stem " the base of the leaves .
I would cut away that rot on the leaf and sterilize the cut ASAP , then  check the Psuedo Stem for rot by squeezing the base of the stem ... If it is hard it should be fine but check carefully regularly and monitor .
Be sure to sterilize any wound made from cutting away rotten areas .

If the stem is soft , you will need to cut all of the leaves off asap and keep cutting until no rot is seen from the cut top of the stem .

Please keep us updated on progress .
Clivia Tips, Tricks & Hints / Re: Yellowing mature leaves
« Last post by Registered Member on July 09, 2017, 02:47:11 »
Stephen I would try giving them a spray with Copper Oxychloride
Clivia Tips, Tricks & Hints / Re: Yellowing mature leaves
« Last post by Registered Member on July 07, 2017, 22:49:45 »
I'm in Minnesota.  Just bought the fungicide Daconil for the peonies.  I'll probably try that first if it's a fungus. 
Yellows / Re: Hilton Antique Rose x Self .
« Last post by Registered Member on July 07, 2017, 09:51:26 »
Stunning Lionel
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